A speech-language pathologist, or SLP, assesses the communication, feeding and swallowing skills in individuals of all ages. An SLP can determine if a communication difficulty exsists and develop a therapy plan to remediate the difficulties. Typically, the earlier a delay or difficulty is recognized, the better the prognosis is for improvement.

Areas of speech evaluations and therapy may include:

* Articulation/Phonology
* Expressive/Receptive Language
* Auditory Processing
* Oral-motor/Myofunctional
* Fluency
* Voice

Speech and language difficulties may be a result of:

* Developmental Delay
* Expressive/Receptive Language Disorders
* Autism Spectrum Disorders
* Low/Weak Oral Muscle Tone
* Learning Disabilities
* Hearing Impairment
* Head Trauma
* Stroke
* Cleft Lip or Palate
* Cognitive Delays
* Respiratory Difficulties
* Syndromes (I.e. Down's)
* Laryngeal Polyps or Nodules

If you have questions regarding any of these, or other communication difficulties, please contact Long Island Speech Therapist, Jaimee Graziano for a free phone consultation.


"Jaimee helped me face my speech issues head-on and brought me to a comfort level I have never experienced! I am so happy with the results.
-Mary Thompson